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          Welcome [ Wuxi Beirun Blower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ] official website!

          Two stage high pressure Roots blower

          Product description
          SI series of two-stage high pressure Roots blower is my company's latest design, combined with the technical experience of making Roots blower, and in the study of domestic and foreign counterparts on the basis of advanced technology, comprehensive absorption of the public long, self-developed an efficient, Energy saving, low noise two-stage Roots blower. It is equipped with two Roots blowers, as well as between the two fans with intercoolers, motors and other accessories (such as air filters, inlet and outlet muffler, flexible joints, safety valves, pressure gauges, check valves, etc.) Fan running the required accessories, and installed on an integral steel base. The motor at the same time drag two fans, on the one hand to make its structure more compact, on the other hand can make two fans of the power to do automatic balance, reduce the matching motor power capacity. The intercooler reduces the temperature of the gas compressed by a fan so that its overall compression process is closer to isothermal compression. Because of its volumetric efficiency, compression and effort, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.
          Use the field
                 Use the field
                 Sewage treatment
                 Electroplating solution mixing tank
          Cement vertical kiln
          Pneumatic conveying
          High volumetric efficiency, good economy. Two-stage blower economy is good, the volume efficiency is relatively high. For the same pressure ratio, compared with the single-stage compression, the use of two-stage compression when the sub-pressure is small, so the leakage is relatively small, the volume efficiency can be improved.
          Low exhaust temperature, good safety. Exhaust temperature is too high, may make the impeller over-expansion and even loss of work gap, resulting in work failure. For a given pressure, the partial pressure at each stage is reduced and the volumetric efficiency is increased and the exhaust temperature is reduced correspondingly to the single compression. Compared with the single pressure, the pressure is relatively high, Reduce the exhaust temperature, so as to ensure the safety of the blower.
          Also due to the lower pressure of each level, in low pressure operation, so that bearings, gear load smaller, so the higher life expectancy, noise can be controlled.
          The machine is compact, fully equipped, easy to install, with good protection. Stable air flow, reliable operation, long service life.
          Two - stage high pressure Roots blower installation precautions
          1, installation location: need to be installed in the room from wind and rain erosion of the disturbance
          2, the ambient temperature: 40 ℃ below
          3, relative humidity: 80 ℃ below
          4, air quality: the air if the acid, alkali and other corrosive or flammable gases, should not be used high-pressure blower to avoid the risk
          5, dust protection: a large number of dust, powder, three-dimensional or fiber and other places should be avoided, such as must be used in such occasions, please install the filter, and regularly clean the filter or high pressure blower internal dust
          6, ventilation and cooling: Please choose to use in a well-ventilated place, not in a closed or closed box
          7, place the space: for routine maintenance or repair convenience, please avoid the installation of too small locations
          8, to avoid vibration: Please install in the absence of vibration places; such as vibration can not be avoided, the need to install anti-vibration measures to avoid high-pressure blower by the outside world damage and damage
          Two - stage high - pressure Roots blower performance table


          The above performance table is for reference only, need more performance information please contact us Tel: 0510-88535977,0510-88535987
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