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          Quality control

          Quality control documents
          In accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, the Company has formulated the "Quality Manual", "Procedure Document", "Inspection Code for Purchase", "Inspection Standard", "Inspection Code of Finished Product", "Equipment Operation Rules", "Assembly Operation Guidance book "," test equipment operating instructions "and other dozens of quality management documents, and in the production in strict accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the document. At the same time the company also has a "purchase inspection record", "production process process card", "finished product inspection record", "nonconforming product handling notice", "precautionary measures", "corrective action" and so on more than 10 kinds of quality Control record form, the implementation of the product throughout the monitoring.

          Technical conditions
          Technical conditions are mainly based on the People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard JB / T7258-94 and the People's Republic of China standard GB / 1.1-2000, GB / T 1.2-2000 to develop the standard content requirements, the standard format quoted the above criteria.

          Technical conditions meet the following criteria
          (1) the People's Republic of China machinery industry standard JB / T7258-94 general purpose centrifugal blower.
          (2) the national standard of the People's Republic of China GB / 1.1-2000 Standardization of the work of the first part of the standard structure and drafting rules.
          (3) the national standard of the People 's Republic of China GB / T1.2-2002 Standardization of the work of the second part of the standard standard technical elements to determine the content of the method.

          Implementation of standards
          (1) material standards: preferred use of national standard, the standard, the industry standard.
          (2) Centrifugal blower design standards: JB / T7258-94 "general purpose centrifugal blower", JB / T16941-1997 (ISO8011-1988) "process industry with flat compressor design and manufacturing specifications and data sheet." Lack of part of the implementation of corporate standards, corporate standards all the equivalent of international standards.
          (3) mechanical operation and performance test standards: JB / T3165-1999 "centrifugal and axial flow fan thermal performance test."
          (4) lubrication system: the implementation of AP1614 standard.
          (5) Coupling: Perform AP1671 standard.
          (6) Speeder: the implementation of GB8524-87 "flat gear transmission technical conditions."
          (7) Motor: the implementation of BG755-87 "basic technical requirements of rotating electrical machines" standard.
          (8) explosion-proof: the implementation of IEC79-0 (1983) standards.
          In accordance with the above standards, the Company can mass production of various types of fans.

          Manufacturing and acceptance standards
          GB / T2888-91 "Wind turbine and Roots blower noise measurement method"
          JB / T7258-94 "general purpose centrifugal blower"
          JB / T3165-1999 "centrifugal and axial flow blower compressor thermal performance test"
          JB / T6888-93 "fan with steel castings technical conditions"
          JB / T6444-2003 "General technical conditions for fan packaging"
          JB4365-1997 "Special lubrication, shaft seal and control oil system"
          Design, manufacture, inspection, acceptance, performance assessment and performance assurance according to the above standards and specifications and fan data table listed items related to the implementation.
          (Description) Large centrifugal blower is designed and manufactured according to user's technical parameters, environmental condition parameters, conveying medium and related requirements due to the use of the environment (atmospheric pressure, humidity, etc.) and the medium of transmission. The system also according to user requirements are rolling and sliding points, therefore, large blowers are tailored.

          Quality assurance system
          Companies in accordance with the "China's fan industry JB / T7258-94 standards, and gradually implement the ISO9001: 2000 series of 'quality management and quality assurance' international standards, to provide users with safe, reliable and efficient fan products.

          First, has established a product quality assurance system, so that products meet the design requirements.
          (1) the preparation of the "process quality", "operation guide card (operation guide)"; prepared the equipment "check card" and equipment inspection and maintenance specifications (equipment); preparation of the process equipment inspection and maintenance specifications (technology, To ensure that the quality of the process, to prevent the occurrence of nonconforming products; the preparation of the meter cycle check card and quantitative correction, maintenance specifications (measurement); the workpiece also clear the processing equipment, inspection tools and other precision requirements, As well as tooling, station equipment, environmental conditions, etc., and in the actual work, production in the implementation.
          (2) strictly on the design of technical and economic feasibility studies to ensure the quality of the design program.
          (3) strict review of product design and process design, process equipment design quality.
          (4) supervision of product trial production, strict product identification, to ensure the quality of the final product quality.
          (5) to ensure that equipment drawings, processes and other technical documents quality.
          (6) strict quality inspection, good quality, strengthen the quality of analysis, master the quality of dynamic.

          Second, the establishment of quality information files, all kinds of information collection, sorting, the provisions of the custodian and custodian period, determine the number method, to the company's internal and external users and staff to provide retrieval services.

          Third, to carry out mass mass management activities.
          1, the establishment of quality management team: around the production of existing problems (including quality, production, cost, consumption, safety) application of quality management methods, combined with professional and technical free combination, consciously, take the initiative to carry out quality improvement activities.
          2, actively carry out TQC activities, combined with the actual production, from easy to difficult, select the subject, guide workers to solve practical problems, the quality of work to seize the grasp, so as to achieve the company's goals.

          Fourth, the product in the actual production of quality assurance.
          1, raw materials into the factory to take samples in the material testing machine to do tensile test;
          2, sampling for the five elements of the chemical test or donor material certificate;
          3, cutting and the process with the process card to guide the production;
          4, impeller welding quality control, weld coloring method, the impeller of the dynamic (static) balance in the balance machine to complete the elimination of welding stress (with vibrator to eliminate);
          5, impeller and air inlet are stamping die to ensure its geometric size;
          6, impeller speeding test, ultra-10% of the speed check its crack;
          7, the factory's mechanical operation, monthly, quarterly performance test (or according to the provisions of the sampling);
          The above by the production, technology, inspection departments jointly implemented.
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