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          Prevention and maintenance of Roots blower

          Pump chamber corrosion protection
          Metal corrosion of the form, can be divided into comprehensive (uniform) corrosion and local corrosion two categories. The former more evenly on the whole surface of the fan, the latter only occurs in the local. Such as pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, hydrogen corrosion cracking, wear corrosion, delamination corrosion. Especially the oil, chemical industry and marine atmosphere is particularly prominent.
          Roots blower for the corrosion of the replacement parts of the Roots blower manufacturers usually use the method, but the equipment by the material and processing technology and other aspects of the impact of high value, such as glass-lined equipment, PTFE parts, titanium, etc. High value metal materials. The use of polymer composite materials to implement the surface of organic coating corrosion is one of the effective anti-corrosion measures, the current domestic application is more mature blessing blue series. Surface adhesion protection can be widely used in abrasion, cavitation, corrosion site repair and pre-protective coating, which has good chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties and bonding performance, compared with the traditional pressure vessel welding repair, It has the characteristics of simple construction, low cost, safety performance and good repair effect.
          Rotor shaft keyway damage
          Because of the equipment operating environment and other factors, Roots blower often appear shaft head, keyway wear damage, the problem occurs, according to the traditional method to repair welding or brush plating after machining repair. But the heat stress generated by the high temperature welding can not be completely eliminated, prone to bending or fracture; brush plating by the coating thickness limit, easy to peel off. And the above methods are metal repair metal, can not change the "hard to hard" with the relationship, in a variety of forces under the combined effect, will still cause re-wear.
          The use of polymer composite materials, can be free processing and efficient repair of bearing chamber wear. There is no effect of welding thermal stress, repair thickness is not restricted, while the product has a metal material does not have the concession, the impact of equipment to absorb the shock, and can meet 100% contact surface, to avoid the possibility of re-emergence of wear and tear.
          Shell crack treatment
          Roots blower components due to casting, machining defects or internal stress, overload operation and other reasons often lead to equipment parts crack or fracture phenomenon, the conventional repair method is the use of welding. Welding often leads to parts of the thermal deformation or thermal stress, especially thin-walled parts, and some parts of the material is cast iron, aluminum, titanium alloy a class of refractory materials. There are some easy to explode the danger of occasions, such as the petrochemical industry, more difficult to use welding repair method.
          Oil seal
          As the Roots blower during the operation of serious oil leakage, to the safety of production has brought many drawbacks, the traditional method is the need for a long time to remove the replacement of the gasket and handle the joint surface, the equipment is running to achieve effective management, the traditional method is not possible achieve. Maitrele Super Sealant & Lubricant, with excellent self-lubricating properties, reduce the gap between the meshing parts, effectively alleviate the equipment noise and dynamic sealing parts of the oil leakage problem. Super lubricant is an oil additive, will not cause pollution of oil or oil deterioration, in the case of non-stop to the enterprise to solve the production of security risks for enterprises to save high maintenance or replacement costs.
          Excessive temperature handling
          ⑴ oil tank too much, too thick, too dirty;
          ⑵ filter or muffler blockage;
          ⑶ pressure higher than the specified value;
          ⑷ excessive wear and tear, large gap;
          ⑸ poor ventilation, high indoor temperature, resulting in high import temperature;
          ⑹ running speed is too low, belt skidding.
          ⑴ reduce the oil level or re-branding the correct;
          ⑵ remove the block material;
          ⑶ reduce the pressure through the blower;
          ⑷ repair the gap;
          ⑸ set up ventilation, reduce room temperature;
          ⑹ increase the speed, to prevent the belt slip.

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